Thank You Dakota for the Great Resource on Cyber Laws and Safety

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thank you to our young friend Dakota for suggesting we include this as part of our resource.  Her and her mother messaged us:  "Hi there, How are you? daughter, Dakota, wanted to reach out to you about your web page, Your page has great information that we were able to explore and bookmark for our internet safety and bullying campaign for our community. :) During the summer, Dakota and I, like to do fun mother/daughter projects. We like to accomplish different projects that can contribute to our community. Anywho! While googling for some more resources, Dakota found this informational guide - She was thinking that it'd be a valuable resource for your page. Do you mind adding it? I know she'd be delighted to make a valuable contribution and maybe help out other kids. Looking forward to hearing back," Dakota's mom.

Here you go Dakota.  Please keep up the great work.  You are awesome.  And please continue to talk to all your friends about Cyber safety.

Cyber Laws and Safety

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Using the Internet is a common activity. If you have ever used a computer or a tablet to find information or to talk with a friend, you have used the Internet. Although the Internet can be convenient and useful, there are also some dangers lurking. You may enjoy using social media to stay connected with friends and family. However, online predators and cyberbullying are two common threats that exist for kids on the Internet. Follow your parents’ rules about Internet use and safety. Any time you feel uncomfortable about something on the Internet, tell an adult right away.

Social Media

Hanging out on social media websites can be fun. You probably enjoy chatting with friends, looking at pictures, and seeing other people’s updates. As nice as it is to connect with others online, you need to be careful how you do this. Remember, you can never take something back or erase it once it’s been on the Internet. This means that pictures you share or words you publish will stay on the Internet even if you remove them later. When you use social media websites, you need to control what others can see about you. This means that your account settings should be set to keep your profile private. Don’t allow anyone that you don’t know in person to have access to your profile on social media.

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