Principles of Unity

The South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence (SDCEDSV) governing membership is comprised of programs whose primary purpose is responding to women who have been battered/raped and their children.  Supporting membership includes individuals and affiliated programs who support the mission and philosophy of SDCEDSV, but whose organizational primary purpose differs from that of the SDCEDSV.  We represent both rural, tribal and urban areas.  Our programs support and involve women who have been battered/raped of all racial, ethnic, gender orientations, religious and economic groups, ages and lifestyles.  We oppose the use of violence as a means of control over others, and advocate equality in all relationships and the autonomy, safety and freedom of all women.  We envision and pro-actively support independent community-based groups in which women of those communities make major policy and program decisions.

In recognizing that hierarchy is the root cause of violence against women, we are committed to maintaining and nurturing grassroots programs, organizations and communities.  We continually acknowledge and honor the fact that this movement was born through the work and lives of women who have been victimized by violence and their allies.  We strive to ensure grassroots leadership and involvement of women who have been battered/raped in all matters, especially, policy-making and governance. We define “grassroots” as being of the group and/or community that governance and decision-making impact, and expertise based on personal experience, skill and character.